Michael Jackson Interpretation

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What is the meaning of music? Do they help send a message, or is it just something to dance to? This song sends out one of the most meaningful things that the world has finally realized is something we need to consider, being equal.“They don’t really care about us” by Michael Jackson symbolizes black people being just as equal as white people. In the song it states many things that helped me find out what this song actually meant. It wasn’t hard trying to figure out because the whole song is basically talking about what they did to blacks or how they treated them. I picked piece by piece the song and how it helps send out a message. I’m going to talk about how this song is actually meaningful and actually symbolizes something.
I chose this song because I knew it was going to symbolize something, just by looking at the title, it tells you pretty much the main idea of the whole song. Also, this musician was someone well known. Michael Jackson joined his older brothers musical group in 1963. “They don’t really care about us” was released in 1995. I liked this song because it does prove a good point about how people will be strong even after being opinionated rudely. In the song it says “beat me bash me you can never trash me” this means that even after being told something loathsome or being beat they still can never get rid of them.
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wanted everyone having the same rank as each other, or being equal. He just wanted people to be people. This part of the song is very important because Martin Luther had a great impact on many people. It definitely helped me find out the meaning. “Situation, segration, everybody alligation” People in the past did set people who were different apart and did many illegal things that were wrong to those different
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