Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Concert

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Michael Jackson's tour bus rolled up the gates at the service entrance at Madison Square Garden; it seemed as if thousands of fans were waiting in the streets and sidewalks just to get a moments glance at him, but I was one of the lucky one's who had a ticket to the show. As the gates began to open, Michael Jackson got on top of an SUV and waved to the crowd for less than five seconds, and the gates closed and he had vanished. People were literally crying in the street next to me just to because they felt that they were in the presence of a living legend. Piling into a packed Madison Square Garden, the entire audience seemed to stir with anticipation. The main attraction, Michael Jackson, had not performed in the United States for several years and definitely not with his brothers, the rest of The Jackson Five in over a decade. Sure I've seen Michael Jackson in on television and in interviews, but I had never gotten to see him in live in real person. Being an entertainer for over forty years, and having sold over one-hundred million records, countless number one hits, and having plenty of controversy surrounding him, I always felt that the lead singer of the Jackson Five was somewhat of an enigma, but tonight he was right in front of me doing what he does best, singing dancing, and entertaining. As the lights dimmed, and the curtain began to raise, Michael Jackson came into the light, and the crowd went up in a simultaneous roar. Every movement that he made with his

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