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Michael Jordan is a very famous personality and almost everybody knows him. Jordan goes beyond the basketball world because some people know him even without knowing a thing about basketball. Michael Jordan has a variety of products in market that many people like because of their texture, style, authenticity and models and because it is Michael Jordan. People sometimes also recognize the logo of the brand and people would be willing to pay a high quantity of money to get Michael Jordan’s products. Jordan is a role model for little kids to persuade them to become basketball players or at least practice the sport. Michael Jordan is important because he is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, his drive to succeed and to …show more content…
Michael Jordan has an impeccable taste in clothes, He always looks good and he prides himself to be a “fashion freak”. Michael Jordan is also the best but it not all about they way he plays but the good charisma that Jordan has. Michael Jordan, who took the shooting guard position on the Chicago Bulls, is different from other NBA players. The personality that Michael Jordan has, the attitude that he has while he is on the court, and his unbelievable, and very good moves had make him so famous, so unique, so perfect. Michael Jordan won six championships. Michael Jordan is a person that would never get angry, every time Jordan sees his fans, he shakes hands with them, if the fans ask for his autograph, he is willing to do so and Michael always is happy about it. While Michael Jordan is on the court, Mike acts like a different person. He becomes aggressive, he also focuses on his playing, and he becomes unstoppable. All of the NBA fans admire how Michael Jordan makes those unstoppable moves.
Another quality that Michael Jordan has is that he is respectful to everybody. Michael Jordan has had a big impact in people because he is an icon for people. Michael Jordan is the inspiration of thousands of kids that want to learn how to play basketball. Michael Jordan has respect for the game and for his coach. Michael also gets respect from the other players on the team. Michael Jordan also treated his team mates with respect and that is why the Chicago Bulls played like a

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