Michael Jordan: Beyond Personal Glory Essay

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Michael Jordan: Beyond Personal Glory Michael Jordan is the only athlete to have ever gained the middle name "Air" because of his unbelievable ability to soar through the sky before he smashes the ball through the rim. He has managed to defy all obstacles ever thrown his way within the sport of basketball, earning his reputation as the most competitive and determined player in the NBA. Over the span of Michael Jordan's 18 year long career in the NBA, he has enjoyed world wide attention and recognition as the ambassador of basketball. Jordan has influenced basketball players around the globe and, with his own shoes and clothing brand, along with his artistic way of handling himself on the court, has developed a style of his own within…show more content…
Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn. While Michael was still young his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where Jordan spent his junior and high school years ("Michael Jordan,"American Decades sc.1). After graduating high school, he went on to study and play basketball for the University of North Carolina, where he made a tremendous impact as a starter ("Michael Jordan Encyclopedia sc.1). After only three years of college, Michael decided to enter the NBA draft and was picked up by the Chicago Bulls in 1984 (Contemp. Black Bio. sc. 1). Michael Jordan gave the mediocre Chicago team a rebirth, and after a few years of hard work and rebuilding, the Bulls were ready to change history. From 1991 to 1997, the Bulls won five NBA championships ("Michael Jordan," Notable black Men sc.2). Having retired from the game of basketball twice, Michael decided to return to the NBA for the last time in 1999, and has playing for the Washington Wizards ever since. Although nobody can deny that Michael Jordan has achieved great feats within the game of basketball, many have questioned the very strong competitiveness that drives Michael to his success. Are there side effects to his immense hunger for competition? Michael Jordan has often been accused of being too hard on

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