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Cameron Worrix

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Michael Jordan’s Legacy

Raymond H. Miller wrote this excellent book called Michael Jordan. It’s in the Stars of Sports Series which include greats like Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods and Shaquille O’Neal. This book is published by KidHaven Press, it was published on December 2nd 2005. It has 48 pages of great information and keeps you entertained throughout the whole book. It starts out talking about how Michael’s failures and success and it just grabs your attention. It makes you want to read the whole book and understand how he achieved all that he did.

The book is about Michael Jordan’s legacy and how he started playing basketball. What most people don’t understand is all the time was put
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I feel like it would make the book more informational if this was included. The author enjoys playing

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sports it says in the book so I say he knows a lot about sports. The author didn’t have arguments either. A good argument to include is the other NBA players in the league compared to Michael and why he was the best.

Overall the book keeps your attention and you want to keep reading more. The author did an excellent job of describing the topic. I would strongly recommend it to my friends that enjoy sports. If you don’t enjoy sports than this book wouldn’t really mean anything to you. You would already have to know about Michael’s greatness to truly enjoy this book. This book taught me more than I already knew about Jordan and I loved the way the author described it.

At first I thought I already knew everything about Michael Jordan. Turns out I didn’t know as much as I thought. This book taught me Michael’s full name and that Jordan was bullied when he was younger. It also taught me that he didn’t make his high school team. Knowing how great Michael is it’s hard to see these things but he is human too. I enjoy this book and if you enjoy sports I encourage you to read this
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