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History of the Michael Jordan Shoe

Michael Jordan is one of the most well-known, successful, and wealthiest basketball players there is. In 1984, he won the National title at the University of North Carolina and a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles; he then was selected 3rd overall draft pick by the Chicago Bills in the NBA. That year he also signed a $2.5 million dollar endorsement deal with Nike and that where it all began. In 1985, Nike gave Jordan his own signature line of shoes and clothing, very different than any other brand. The first Air Jordan 1 shoe was produced and sold for $65 dollars and featured the Nike swoosh on the mid panel and a newly designed winged logo on the ankle. This shoe paved the way for
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The Jordan VII made several changes to the commercials Nike aired; it now featured MJ and Bugs Bunny both wearing the Air Jordan VII. Michael wore these shoes while playing in the Olympics as he led the “Dream Team” to a gold medal win. In 1993 the Air Jordan VIII were released, these again had very minor changes. The colors for this shoe were originally produced in White/Black/Red leather and two suede versions in Black/Red and Black/Aqua. The Black/Aqua shoe was the one MJ wore in the 1993 NBA All-Star game is one of the most sought-after original Jordan’s. This shoe was also re-released in 2007 and sold out immediately. After leading the Bulls to three straight NBA championships, Michael Jordan retired from pro basketballs to purse a dream he had of playing baseball. Nike still moved forward with producing another Air Jordan, this one was called the Air Jordan IX, released in 1994. Although Michael Jordan never wore these shoes on the basketball court, several others did. Some of those people are Penny Hardaway, Kendall Gill and high-schooler LeBron James. MJ retired from baseball in 1995 and planned to return to basketball. The Air Jordan X came out in 1995. These shoes were very simplistic of all the Jordan’s. they were produced in eight color ways, these shoes were part of a city series that featured the 5 color schemes of the NBA:

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