Who Is Michael Jordan The Best NBA Team?

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When I commenced reading the book The Dream Team I already had some prior knowledge. Such as how they were the best team ever assembled, or how they had all NBA players and 1 rookie, and most obvious they played in the Olympics against other countries. I also already knew some of the players. Just a few are Michael Jordan the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). Then you got Earvin “Magic” Johnson considered the primo point guard of all time due to his height and play style. Magic also attended Michigan State University for 3 years and wins a national title there. Next is Larry “Legend” Bird probably the finest 3 point shooter of all time he lost to magic in college in the finals. Now those 3 guys were the best in the sport for about 2 decades.…show more content…
If one player was prominent and didn't want anyone on the team, then they were gone. Even if that player should most definitely be on the team. Now this is what happened between Isaiah Thomas and Michael Jordan. Jordan was like I said considered the best in basketball and so people listened to him because they needed him on the team. So when he said he didn't want to be any part of the team if Isaiah was gonna be on it. Suddenly Isaiah was out of the question. Isaiah was not some nobody player, he just got done leading the Detroit Pistons to NBA titles back to back (1989-90). He was an All Star, Finals MVP in 1990, holds the Pistons all time leading scorer, he leads in assists, steals, and games played. So long story short, Isaiah should have been on that team. Even some team members agree that Isaiah should have been on it. “Had Isaiah not been so unpopular among other players and committee members, he would've made the dream team” (McCallum,…show more content…
They want to know who brought it up and even made it an option for them. There is only one answer to that question and his name is the inspector of meat. The inspector of meat came up with the whole idea about them coming into eligibility. But it was actually an accident. The inspector of meats boss sent him to America to study how we play basketball over here. When he went back, he was intrigued, he loved the way all of our levels of basketball play. He was quoted saying this. “You cannot know basketball if you do not know it of the United States” (McCullum, 5). He got his name (the inspector of meat ) from how he enjoys inspecting basketballs leather. It took him a elongated time to persuade the head Olympic Committee to allow the players. This was a fair thing after all because people had thought that other countries were saying their players were in college but were actually pro players from their countries. So when this new news that the 1992 Olympics were gonna consist of NBA players it sprouted in popularity. This was the overall goal of the push for NBA players. More people watching, buying tickets, and memorabilia the more money the committee
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