Michael Moore 's Bowling For Columbine

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Michael Moore’s, Bowling For Columbine won an Oscar for best documentary. The Academy’s definition of what a documentary is, “a movie, television show or radio program that provides a factual record or report”. With this definition in mind, one could say Moore has been extremely successful in persuading the audience to agree with his message if his fiction movie won an Academy award for best documentary. Moore’s use of persona, interview tactics, editing sound/camera angles, and incorporation of comedy satire both impact his audiences’ perspective and include towards the general message of the film. The opening scene from Bowling For Columbine is footage from the Nation Rifle Association being previewed. It is incorporated to infer that the NRA is underwriting the film, however the fact that the scene is shown in high contrast and is obviously from old film footage, the viewer is kept from taking this perspective and this consideration is seen as another type of irony or satire alongside other bits incorporated into the film. After a short series of desolation from bombings and images of people with guns scattered with regular occasions, for example, kids coming and going to school and farmers doing their day by day tasks, the film dives right into the narrative with little to no introduction, presenting Moore going into a bank and accepting a free gun. Moore shows up in the greater part of his documentaries as a different character. The consideration of Moore in the
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