Michael Phelps

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7 May 2013
The Eight Michael Fred Phelps was born in 1985 and grew up in Baltimore. He decided to start swimming when his two sisters made their first attempt in the US Olympic trials. At first, he was afraid of putting his head under the water, but years passed and he was no longer scared by the water. When he decided to try his first swim meet, it was the moment he made his first decision, among many others, which he would make to achieve eight gold medals years later. "At the age of eleven, his mother took him to the see Bob Bowman, his future coach. Bob laid his eyes on Phelps and predicted Michael Phelps would be an Olympic swimmer by 2000. The decision to join a swim
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"I wanted my record to stand," Phelps said afterwards. "I wanted the pool record to stand just because that was my first world record"(Michael Phelps). He set the old record of 1:54.92 as a 15-year-old in 2001, qualifying for that year's FINA World Aquatics Championship." (Litsky) "This is kind of where everything started going," Phelps said. "This is a great pool for me" (Michael Phelps). It was the third win for Phelps at the three-day meet, his last before the U.S. Olympic Trials that begin June 25 in Omaha. On Friday, he also placed first in the 100 fly. On Saturday, he won the exhausting 400 individual medley. "Over the weekend I hadn't had that great of swims," Phelps said. "Hopefully, going into trials we can fix that and be ready like this every day" (Michael Phelps). Phelps did not compete in the 200 individual medley, saying that he wanted to focus on the butterfly on his last day before returning to training in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs was a rewarding training that Phelps enjoyed by working on all the details he needed to leave his record behind. The exception was that this one was his own, so to succeed, he just needed to do everything Mr. Bowman was saying. Three months later, Phelps was at his first world championship. He planned alongside Bob Bowman to touch the wall ahead of his personal best. That decision made him sign his first

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