Michael Phelps Is An International Swimming Sensation

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Michael Phelps is an international swimming sensation from the United States. Born in 1985 in Baltimore Maryland, he began swimming at an early age. By age fifteen, he competed in his first Olympics as a member of the U.S. men’s swim team. Not seven years later, Phelps dominated the next Olympic Games and set the world records.
Phelps is most known for his Olympian status and endorsement deals. At just twenty two years old, Phelps set the world record for men’s swimming medals earned during the Olympics. He also set the record for most medals won by an Olympian athlete. Michael Phelps became the face of men’s swimming and a sponsor for many products.
Growing up, Phelps lived a middle class life in a nice area of Baltimore. His
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After a divorce in the family, many children act out, rebel, and get themselves into trouble. The divorce did not cause any undue harm on Phelps per se. He maintained his health and fitness levels and was determined to keep swimming.
Water is always nearby in the Baltimore, Maryland area, and most residents gravitate towards the water via boating and swimming. Phelps took a love of water more seriously and began to hone his swimming skills to become the best in Maryland. Soon after wishing to become the best in Maryland, Phelps set his sights on the Olympics. He began swimming at a high school pool and training at an aquatic club in Maryland. The coach could sense the fierce competition and skill Phelps portrayed in the water and began to work with Michael with intense training sessions. At age fifteen, Phelps was the youngest member of the Olympic American male swim team in sixty eight years. He did not win any medals at this Olympic Games, but he made the team, set a record, and left determined to try again.
Michael Phelps had ample time to drop out of swimming, pursue other interests, or become discouraged. Despite being the youngest man on most every swim team, and not winning as many awards early on, Phelps continued to train and workout daily and stuck to a strict diet designed to keep his body in ideal shape for swimming. His
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