Michael Phelps Is An International Swimming Sensation

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Michael Phelps is an international swimming sensation from the United States. Born in 1985 in Baltimore Maryland, he began swimming at an early age. By age fifteen, he competed in his first Olympics as a member of the U.S. men’s swim team. Not seven years later, Phelps dominated the next Olympic Games and set the world records. Phelps is most known for his Olympian status and endorsement deals. At just twenty two years old, Phelps set the world record for men’s swimming medals earned during the Olympics. He also set the record for most medals won by an Olympian athlete. Michael Phelps became the face of men’s swimming and a sponsor for many products. Growing up, Phelps lived a middle class life in a nice area of Baltimore. His father was a state trooper and his mother was a principal. He has two siblings and grew up relatively free of intense hardship. Phelps began swimming around age seven, even though he was afraid of the water and hesitant to put his face under. Despite his fear of the water, Michael took to the pool and began swimming regularly. Beginning at age seven, he saw his first Olympics at age fifteen. In most cases, Olympians are groomed from birth to become champions. In the case of Michael Phelps, he was hesitant to even begin in his sport, yet he found a passion for the water and pursued this skill tirelessly. Michael Phelps’s parents divorced in 1994, the only real setback the family had during the childhood of the Phelps’s children. Even

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