Michael Reager: A Narrative Fiction

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“Look,” the driver pointed in the brush. Branches of leaves started moving and out came two men. The blade of Daryl’s knife lay across his windpipe, held firmly by a man. Reager had him locked up tight. “The cops are on their way so if you want to get away I’d suggest you let that girl out right now.” “What’s your name?” “Michael Reager.” “Well Michael, you’re wrong for various reasons; the cops aren’t coming, and I am not gonna let this girl out. You, however, need to get me the runner before someone actually gets hurt.” “The sharp end of the blade isn’t facing away from this guy.” “And the open end of the barrel isn’t pointing away from the girl.” He rolled down the back window to show the girl with a gun to her head. “If I’m being completely…show more content…
Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to call your friend Dave and have him bring the girl back. If he’s not here within thirty minutes, alone with the girl, I’ll bring in Zoey and Nicole and kill you right in front of them. If he brings the cops, I’ll have Zoey and Nicole killed. Or maybe worse. I don’t know yet. We’ll have to see.” Niko pulled Reager’s phone out and pulled up Dave’s contact. “You ready?” “Why don’t you do it yourself?” “I suppose that works too.” Niko pulled out Reager’s phone. He fidgeted with the phone and it started ringing. Dave picked up. “Hello Dave. I know you’re confused but that’s okay. Just listen. I’m going to make this short and sweet. I’ve got a Michael Reager here with me. He’s tied up right now. I need you to bring that girl back to me.” Reager could hear his friend’s voice through the phone. “I’m bringing her home to her family and the police. She told me everything. I know exactly where you are.” Niko grinned. “That actually works out perfectly. I need you here with that girl within a half hour. If you’re late, Michael dies. If you come without the girl, you’ll die too. If you get the police involved, the rest of the girls die, and maybe more. I have guards who will bring you in when you get here, so don’t try anything fancy.” Niko hung up. “You better hope he knows where he’s going
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