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Through its exquisite examples, and compelling tone, Michael Sandel's article "What Isn't for Sale" advises that we need to recognize that our markets are taking over our personal lives and we have become a market society. Anything and everything are for sale these days in our nation. Sandel affirms that over the past thirty years our markets have changed from market economies to market societies. In agreeing with Mr. Sandel on this issue, we must understand the message he is trying to convey. It is possible to do so with the following reasons. We can’t allow for causes such as greed to take place, the consequences of inequality and corruption to happen, and open dialogue and debate need to take place so we all can agree how far…show more content…
If we were to govern the greed, this would keep over ambitious bankers and people on Wall Street from going too far and forcing them to follow astute regulations. Greed hasn’t been the only component in getting us all this way. It has been a slow but long process of changes and removal of certain restrictions over time. For instance, pharmaceutical companies were never allowed to advertise before; now you can’t turn on a television or read a magazine without reading an ad for a certain drug on the market. It’s the markets who have overstepped and have entered into our lives usually directed by nonmarket measures. Markets are no longer only there to benefit the good of the public. The ante has been raised and these market values are now being pushed into our everyday lives. Another facet the piece talks about are why we need to be concerned about this growing trend. We should be distressed about a civilization where entirely everything is up for sale. It is to avoid these two issues, inequality, and a different type of corruption. Inequality would pertain here to citizens, who live in a lower to a middle class; they find themselves living a lot more challenging than those who are wealthier. If we were only discussing items that were expensive such as boats and exotic cars, needing such items would not matter. The difference is, we are discussing that money can purchase more and

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