Michael Vey: Hunt For Jade Dragon

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The title of this book I read is called Michael Vey: Hunt for Jade Dragon. The author of this book is Richard Paul Evans. In this book the ElectroClan found out about little chinese girl who was kidnapped by the Elgen and they had to rescue her. Later on, the ElectroClan were captured by Elgen and had to make a quick escape. In the end, they had to save the Jade Dragon, which they did in the end, and they had to send her to another country so, she would never be found. Ben moved the Jade Dragon so the Elgen and ElectroClan wouldn’t ever find where she lived.
The significant passage of this book happens when they were about to leave to Taiwan.
“ ‘I tell you this to prepare you. As you saw in Peru, you were not celebrated for liberating their
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Hatches describes in many ways that he wants to capture the Jade Dragon, a little chinese girl, who has a formula to help him create a whole knew electrifying species. The human species, not just rats anymore. In the beginning of Part Two Hatch says,“ ‘The breakthrough came from a place we did not expect. A young Chinese girl named Jade Dragon is the first to fully understand the science behind MEI since the brilliant scientist Dr. Coonradt. She will teach our scientists how to use the MEI to populate the world with a new species.’ “ If they had not put Part Two in Dr.Hatch's point of view, we wouldn’t know what ideas he had planned for the ElectroClan. Also, we also learned that he needed the little girl with the formula to help him destroy the…show more content…
Once you read one it’s best to read the next so you can keep reading all of the great adventures and rescuing they do. Additionally, I would also recommend to young teenagers about 13-15 who are looking for a good book series to read. That way they would have books to read for a couple months or so without stressing about finding a book. Finally, I would recommend this book to anyone who has previously read any Percy Jackson books. This is because they are a little similar but different when it comes to powers and adventures. That is who I would recommend this book too. I rate this book a 10 because of the way it was written. Each page would have more and more details about that part in the book. If they were in a cell, they would describe the cell. Another thing i really liked about this book is how intriguing it was. When I reading one page it was so interesting I would want to read the next on,then the next one, then the next one, then the I flipped the last page. The book was so good i finished it in two days. This is why I would definitely rate this book a
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