Michael White's Narrative Family Theory

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Narrative family therapy was developed by Michael white in Australia in the 1980s. Before his died in 2008, White was an active writer and presented his ideas among his colleague, David Epston. From New Zealand, he was a big fan of Whites work and had a significant influence by him. They both were influenced by philosophy and anthropology, which lead to educate their work by postmodern views. Narrative therapy started to grow over the years and other therapist such as: Jill freedman and Gene Combs in Illinois, Alan Parry and Robert Doan in Canada, John Winslade and Gerald Monk in New Zealand, and Jeff Zimmerman and Vicki Dickerson in California expanded the idea. The emphasis of Narrative Therapy id placed on Foucault’s sociopolitical analysis comparing to other postmodern and social constructionist theories.
Aspects of the Theory Goals and interventions. In Narrative Family theory, the goal is to Change how the client sees themselves and help them by re-authoring their story in a positive manner. The Therapist is trying to find an alternative to substitute with the current situation which is preferred story by the client that is not the cause of the problem. The focus here is to come up with a different story that does not include the problem. The intervention in Narrative family …show more content…

It can be very well used in other cultures among all people based on the approach used in this theory. However this theory appears to work well among children based on the treatments involved yet it can also be very beneficial to couples and families to understand the problem in a different aspect. Using a story can be very helpful for most families coming to therapy for the first time based on their pervious views and belief of therapy, because it creates a very different environment and a strong relationship with the

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