Michael 's Pain And Suffering

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Michael’s Pain and Suffering

As Michael drove into the parking lot of the Met Life Stadium, congratulation signs, balloons, and many of his peers greeted him. After parking his car he made his way to the area in which the graduates were meeting. The faculty began to call to the attention of the graduates, so they could line up with their college. Walking into the stadium was truly a sight to see. He entered the stadium to “Pomp and Circumstance”, as he walked his hands began to form bundles of sweat, the reason was unclear whether it was from nervousness or anticipation of the future. After wildly waving to his guest he broke into a big grin. The ceremony was quite long. The students kept themselves entertained through the mundane speeches by bouncing beach balls through the aisles. It is through this he realizes he had beaten the odds that were against him to graduate from college. Unlike Word did not find any entries for your table of contents.his peers he was not born with a silver spoon, or even obtained the bare minimum support from his family. Oddly, enough his family even bothered to show up to the graduation. Michael George Jones was born on March 17, 1991 in Paterson, NJ. Michael was the hardest child for his mother to have because he was 9lbs 2ounces when he was born. Growing up, Michael went through a lot of pain. Michael began to reminisce about all the incidents he has had with his family. It always seemed as if he was fighting for the acceptance of his
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