Michel Et Augustin

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Michel et Augustin


In 1978, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield launched Ben & Jerry’s, an ice-cream brand made from milk products and 100% natural ingredients. Two young students, Augustin Paluel-Marmont and Michel de Rovira have decided to take example from this mythical brand (as well as Innocent), and launch their own brand of biscuits: Michel et Augustin! The story of their brand building is truly a successful adventure, which gives by the way a whole meaning and a huge capital of sympathy to their brands, what the two friends are far from hiding, on the contrary… They wanted to recreate the delicious biscuits of their “grandma” by gathering all the best and natural ingredients. But their positioning is not only
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Then, the name “Michel et Augustin” and the logo (drawn in a caricature style) are made to convey an enthusiastic impression,

far away from usual institutional statements. Thus, for more interactivity, they go until giving their email addresses and their phone number on the back pack of products! We can then say, without exaggerating, that the four criteria of a good packaging are fulfilled. Indeed, their packaging is fully:

* Attractive thanks to its strong originality (story of the brand told in a fun way on the back pack, attractive colors which are well standing out in shelf - with the violet for example - ) * Functional, really easy to open, does not take too much place * Easy to produce and inexpensive * Coherent with the brand value (cf. the phone number, best example of the brand humor and the will of nearness with its customers)

Communication => a “street” Marketing aligned with their spirit

The art of the “story telling” they stress so much is obviously one of their priorities in their marketing strategy.
Although this brand counts from now one among strong and solid alimentary firms, it can really not compete with Danone or Nestlé from a communication budget point of view. Indeed, it is not possible for this launching brand to dispense large amoung in TV advertising, or huge communication campaign. It has to be clever about it, and find creative and cheap way to become famous. And Michel et Augustin has

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