Michel Foucault: Discipline And Punish: The Evolution Of Punishment

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Michel Foucault was born on October 15, 1926 in Poitiers, France. He completed his studies from Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) in Paris from 1946 to 1950, where he studied psychology and philosophy. Foucault is known for his critiques of various social foundations, like psychiatry, medicine and the prison framework. Furthermore for his speculations on the history of sexuality. His general speculations concerning power and the connection between power and knowledge, and in addition his thoughts concerning “discourse” in connection to the historical backdrop of western thought, have been broadly examined. This essay highlights his work “discipline and punish”. “Discipline and punish” is a background marked by present day penal system. Foucault…show more content…
The eighteenth century saw various calls for change of punishment. The reformers, as per Foucault, were not propelled by a sympathy towards the welfare of prisoners, rather they wanted power to work all more proficiently. Foucault examined the prison framework to give his reasoning behind the early advancement of punishment, and its arrangement from the public execution to the framework that is set up today. He showed how this advancement in the system is flawed. Foucault’s perception of the penal system cannot be understood without viewing his perception of the word “power”. He characterized power as something which did not influence another physically. Physical actions would incorporate viciousness and force, as seen in prior penal frameworks. Power, is the route in which, one may influence other’s activities. That is, how to make somebody free to do something which they would not do in some other circumstance. This utilization of power is seen today, all through the world in different establishments. Foucault claimed that this power is linked to knowledge. He expresses that knowledge can be made only by the utilization of power. In “discipline and punish” he expresses that how previous methods of punishment such as public
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