Michelangelo's David Research Paper

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The story of David was one that held great significance to the people of Italy and many artists had used David as the subject of their work. Michelangelo’s David (1501-04) and Bernini’s David (1623) both depict the same subject matter but their interpretations are very different due to the time periods they were produced in. In my paper I will be explaining how the Renaissance and the Baroque periods notably changed the portrayal of David and how it influenced the artists of their times.
To begin, these art periods focused and displayed very different aspects of art. The renaissance brought back Classical themes and techniques from ancient Roman and Greek societies. Some of the most notable being a focus on the human body, using contrapposto,
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Although using David as the subject of a piece was something that previous artists had done, Michelangelo’s David became a favorite to the people of Florence when it was unveiled in 1504.The importance of David’s nude body and its positioning is obvious when we remember it was made during the Renaissance. Celebrating the human form and having figures in contrapposto were defining aspects of this period. Aside from being one of the most famous Renaissance artists, Michelangelo is also regarded as one of the greatest artists and sculptors in history. Michelangelo’s David was, and still is, seen as the perfect and ideal image for the human body. The amount of detail able to be seen, from the veins on his arms, to the muscles lining his abdomen, shows how very meticulous Michelangelo was when it came when it came to the human body. He cared so much about correct anatomy that he even studied and dissected a human body to ensure an accurate but even more perfect portrayal of the male figure. The elegance, beauty, and perfection displayed in Michelangelo's David has made it into one of the most recognizable pieces of Renaissance art in history. Many artists have been inspired by him and his artwork, including Gian Lorenzo
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