Michelangelo's Statue Of David

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Perhaps one of the most famous sculptures ever created, Michelangelo's statue of “David” represents the idea of hope and a sense of new life to the people of Florence, key components of the comedy genre. The statue was created during the Renaissance, meaning rebirth, and was a time where a new belief was created. This belief, known as humanism, revived the humanity in humans and allowed them to change from religious standpoints to praising mankind. They did this by praising the human body itself. One way that Michelangelo praises the human body is by sculpting a statue of a human, rather than an angel. In addition, the nudity of “David” further celebrates every part of being a human and being unashamed of it. Likewise, Michelangelo fully portrays the beauty of the human body by incorporating exquisite details in many areas: the veins bulging from the…show more content…
Furthermore, the statue connects to the theme in the comedy genre of the renewal of the human spirit. Before the Renaissance, people in Europe went through a period called the Dark Ages. This was a time when life in Europe was terrible - diseases struck killing two-thirds of the population, economic collapse after the fall of the Roman Empire, etc. People did not know what to do as they felt powerless; they lost all humanity in them and had no sense of life anymore. Similar to the men on the ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest before McMurphy’s arrival, they were dehumanized because of the conditions they lived in. However, once the Renaissance period began, everything changed. Ideas developed that allowed people to see their lives in
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