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Michel Foucault wrote a book called History of Sexuality. In Part five of the book Right of Death and Power over Life, he discusses about the historical “Sovereign Power” where one is allowed to decide who has the right to live and who has the right to die. The sovereign uses his power over life through the deaths that he can command and uses his authority to announce death by the lives he can spare. Foucault then moves on to Disciplinary Power where he came up with the “Panopticon” where one is to believe they were under surveillance at all times. Such surveillance is still used in our everyday life such as schools, prisons, offices, hospitals, and mental institutes. Later in his life, Foucault discovered Bio-power. This bio-power…show more content…
This is where the regulatory controls such as bio-politics of the population take place. Foucault describes how this “bio-power” has been influential to the rise and growth of capitalism. He was adamant that the triumph of this economic structure “would not have been possible without the controlled insertion of bodies into the machinery of production and the adjustment of the phenomena of population to economic processes”. (Foucault, p. 141) Since capitalism demands growth, such as establishment of new companies and the production of merchandises, “it had to have methods of power capable of optimizing forces, aptitudes, and life in general without at the same time making them more difficult to govern.” The life of humans was seen to be a significant element to politics and history. How a person lived developed into an item of authority and knowledge and needed to be synchronized, understood, and managed. The rules and regulations turned out to be less concerned towards threatening and making judgment, but became more concerned in stabilizing and making the conditions of life more effective. The new power that took control over their lives means that they were over controlled by the politics.
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