Michelle Julia Anderson- 250848884. 2230E- Erin Orr. Tuesday,

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Michelle Julia Anderson- 250848884
2230E- Erin Orr
Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Multiculturalism has played a significant role in Canada, since its establishment 40 years ago. Much of Canadian society is reflective of different cultures from around the world making multiculturalism a very relevant topic to Canadians. While it can be argued that the majority of Canadians are in favor of multiculturalism, there are some who hold a different opinion. Though some critics claim that multiculturalism promotes a form of ‘hyphenated Canadianism’ that exacerbates divisions in Canadian society based on such characteristics like ethnic, minority, or immigrant status, the social advantages such as how multiculturalism is a source of
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Minority groups have served multiple different business sectors helping overall benefit our economy. The paragraph will also divulge into the political benefits both multiculturalism and immigrants provide to Canada. Canada sees high rates of political participation from foreign-born citizens due to the country’s multiculturalist nature. Economically, Canada is fortunate to have a high number of immigrants in its territory. Finally, the paper will conclude with the explanation of alternatives to multiculturalism. These alternatives are typically considered negative which will further illustrate why immigrants and a multicultural society is important to Canada. Multiculturalism is a crucial aspect to Canada in which it diminishes the divisions in Canadian society based on one’s race, religion, and culture. Social advantages of multiculturalism in Canada prove to be very beneficial to Canadian society. When discussing multiculturalism in regards to its use and policies in Canada, it is important to first, give its definition as well as explain its history. Multiculturalism relates to or is made up of several different cultures and is typically used to as an adjective to describe a society (Merriam- Webster). Multiculturalism is not just a fixed concept or a simple idea; it is a multidimensional entity (Guo + Wong, 107). Multiculturalism can be seen as a ‘catch-all’ term, which encompasses the fusion or interaction
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