Michelle Malkin's Sold Out

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This book show how politicians and cheap labor technology who are trying to destroy the career of industrial technology and hard-working Americans. This is very bad as the technology industry is an area where the average person can go to school and with some effort and discipline hopefully get a good paying job long term. The politicians talk about the long-term well-paying jobs and they are actively attacking and trying to destroy the industry and careers of its citizens. This is terrible, that they bought to make it worse, crapweasels is a word that is very good and accurate. Michelle Malkin and John Miano as author reveal the worst perpetrators screwing Americas high skilled worker, how and why they are doing it and what we must do to stop them. In Sold Out, they will name names and expose the lies of those who pretend to champion the middle class, while aiding $ abetting massive lay-offs of highly skilled American workers in favor of cheap foreign labor. Disrespectful to the corporatist affluent to get rid of the American's working in favor of cheap labor of foreign worker who in some cases have the same American worker to train their replacement foreign labor. This is outrageous. Michelle Malkin back up their finding with detail research and demonstrate their finger directly where the crime…show more content…
Almost half the people who work here in the Silicon Valley are foreign national. They are not afraid of their status and do not bother to even hide their origins because they know the INS will never come after them. Most of them are good people, but they take good paying American jobs. Even so, we are not prepared, as described in this book, to surprise, the company is systematically and billionaires rob Americans of their living standards. And it is not just a job. Lease in Silicon Valley are remarkable. Adding hunderd of thousand of foreigners who need rental housing continues around $ 1,000 per month is higher than it would be if they were not
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