Michelle Obam A Life

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Peter Slevin wrote a biography on Michelle Obama, called Michele Obama: A Life, that follows her from her working-class family in South Side Chicago to her life in the White House as the First Lady. Her story starts out with her grandparents’ and parent’s stories that influence the structure of her childhood. It then described the journey of how she comes to build her own family and a definition of what family means to her. Often she is seen as someone who has her life together and living the perfect life, but she had struggled with coming to term with how her life turned out in comparison to the kind of life she was expecting. It’s important to look at the history of the family in order to understand the parenting style and the…show more content…
His father was an ambiguous father for a period of their lives, not being present even though he was only a few blocks away from the family. This meant that during her father’s childhood, he didn’t have a strong father figure in his life. This can be used to argue that that is why his presence is very present in Michelle and Craig’s life. Both generations of families were in the working-class and it influences the types of opportunities they wanted for their children. After Fraser III and Marian Shields got married, they had two children, Craig and Michelle. Craig, who was 21 months older than Michelle, helped shed some light on the person Michelle was. He described her as a strong-willed individual, who was always working and working on her study. Her mother mentioned how Michelle would view her brother as a competition because he never had to study as hard and intense as she had to do well in school. Both parents wanted what was best for their children and had high expectations for them. She had described her childhood as being a result of her parents’ love for one another and their “determination to get the parenting equation right” (Slevin 2015:46). Her parents’ involvement in their activities and parenting style was to keep them honest, hard-working and self-disciplined. Everything they did demonstrated the characteristics they wanted their children to have.
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