Michigan State Student Essay

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One of the most influential parts in my life has been my investment in high school football. To me it’s not just a game, it’s one of the best mentors that I can could ever choose to grasp. Through the memories and life lessons that have shaped me to be the best I can be, here is why I should be a student at Michigan State student.
This sport has taught me the true meaning of hard work. Working hard is a mentality that has been carved into me throughout countless late night practices and off season workouts. This attitude has shown me that in order for me to want something, then I’ll have to put forth the effort and seriousness to achieve it. Not only has my experiences taught me what physical work is but I’ve also learned what mental work is in my school. In the classroom, I show devotion and motivation to achieve my goals. Because of my physical and mental work ethic, I would fit right into the Michigan State classrooms. I’ll use my lessons from football to fall back on when the going gets tough.
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I take pride in the fact that other teammates and students can look up to me. In my senior year of Football, I was named the one of the weekly honorary captains because of my ability to represent the team for we stand for. Also I’ve been fortunate enough to be employed at Yankee Springs Golf Course for about four and a half years. While there I am treated as a role model because of my work ethic and drive to do things right. My leadership attributes will greatly be an asset to the everyday university life. I will naturally lead other students do the right thing to further increase the Spartan
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