Mickey Rourke: A Hero's Journey

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appreciation for the other members of the cast or crew. By the early Nineties, after Nine 1/2 Weeks and Wild Orchid, he was known to millions as a soft pornographer rather than a serious dramatist - a fate that did not befall Brando after Last Tango In Paris. Always living beyond his means, he was continually forced to take poor roles in silly movies, simply to finance his lavish lifestyle. He hung around with bad people - street thugs and mobsters. Throughout his boxing career, Rourke had taken roles here and there, to keep his hand in and to keep the money flowing. He had rejoined Mimi Rogers in White Sands where deputy Sheriff Willem Dafoe would find a dead man and a case of money in…show more content…
And his other passion is pets, especially small - sized breeds of dogs. For instance he spent more than $5000 to have his pet dog, Loki, flown in during a shoot. It was while shooting his Dead in Tombstone in Romania that he came to know of the plight of the huge population of Romanian strays. Instantly he decided on building a dog - shelter, the size of a football field needing at least € 1.5 million. And he contributed the first $250,000 himself! Mickey Rourke does not have any children. His large heart has made him an avid and strong supporter of the Children's Hospital at Los Angeles. The hospital is actually a large research center too with pediatric and academic excellence. It provides to nearly 100,000 children on an annual basis. The boxer turned actor, Mickey Rourke, is not exactly at the zenith of his career. And instead of flying high and taking a financial plunge, he decided to downsize according to his
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