Micro And Macro Environment Of The Company

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Project Management Introduction There are many different types of analysis a company should look at when considering a new project, the more you look into the business environment for your company the better equipped you will be to bring forward a project that will be successful, in this section we’ll be looking at the micro and macro environment of the company through pestle and porters five forces. Also looking at why robust information and research is important how stakeholder analysis works along with constraints analysis. 1. Micro and macro The“microenvironment consists of sets of forces and conditions that originate with suppliers, distributors, customers, creditors, competitors, and shareholders, as well as trade unions, and the community in which the business operates.” The “macro environment refers to the wide-ranging economic, socio-cultural, political and legal, and technological forces that affect the organisation and its operating environment.”These forces originate beyond the firm’s operating situation. (Atuma, 2011). 1.1 PESTLE “The PESTLE Analysis is a framework used to scan the organization’s external macro environment.”The letters stand for Political, Economic Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental. (see figure 1) For this project it would be recommended that the company focus on the three factors economic, technological and legal. Mnm,,,mmm,,mmm,,m,m,m,m,mm,m,mm Economic factors include elements such as interest rates,
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