Micro Expressions

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Micro-expressions are brief, involuntary facial expressions caused by a certain emotion experienced by the person. These expressions are shown on the face, and are universal in the sense that every human being, no matter what origin, or where they live it will be the same as everyone else. These expressions are also known for their difficulty in hiding them. They usually show one of the seven basic universal emotions: Disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise and contempt. (John) The study of Micro-expressions hasn’t been around for very long. They were first discovered by psychologists Haggard and Isaacs in 1966. (Humantill). In there study they stated that they discovered these “micro-momentary” facial expressions while…show more content…
By using the many ways to identify distrust and deceit, such as frowns, wrinkles, eyebrows, and smirks, police, judges, and FBI workers can use the techniques of identifying micro-expressions to see whether or not a criminal (or terrorist) is lying, or trying to hide something. Unless they have had extensive training, this would be a difficult test to pass. In court, Mark Frank has been hired by judges to help them identify the liars from the honest suspects. (ScienceDaily) When the viewer sees a person’s face, then notice the obvious things; eyes, smile, nose, and general expression with the added micro-expression here and there. When you view a liars face, however, you see more than just that. In some cases, you’ll see a person suppressing information and trying to keep from their secrets. This causes an unusual appearance and shows many micro-expressions from hiding the truth of their feelings. Sometimes, a micro-expression can show that something isn’t right in a situation. For example; an interrogation. If the suspect is obviously holding back on something and micro-expressions are written all over their face, they are hiding something or something is amiss. This could lead to finding out that a person is being forced to hide facts. (Maureen, 2009). To train to be able to see micro-expressions means practicing looking at people when asking questions and having general conversation. You would have to learn how to distinguish the little flaws in a
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