Micro Level Of Strategy Development

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My research provided a better understanding of the strategic process and the importance of developing strategies at a micro-level versus the macro-level, (Paroutis, Heracleous, & Angwin, 2013). The micro level of strategy development has opened new doors to strategic thinking, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). We viewed the importance of micro and macro levels of strategy being interlinked in the ESO framework, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). The (BB) process of strategy incorporates two different variations of the strategy process. Autonomous action, which is, self-initiated, works from the top down being initiated from the strategic context, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). The structural context works from the bottom up being derived from the corporate strategy, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). The author notes that strategy research usually only focusses on the, what whereas strategies research answers the key elements of where and when, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) works in unison with the Corporate Executive Officer (CEO), (Paroutis, et al., 2013). The role of the CSO is a multifaceted position that requires great skill and flexibility within the organization. The CSO develops, organizes and implements the strategic goals of the organization, (Paroutis, et al., 2013). They are faced with a wide range of challenges that requires their interaction at the executive level as well as within the functioning aspects of the organization, (Paroutis, et al., 2013).
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