Micro Marketing And Macro Marketing

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Micro-Marketing and Macro-marketing have to completely different meanings. According Basic Marketing the 9th edition by William D. Perrault, Joseph Cannon, and Jerome McCarthy define micro-marketing concerns the marketing activities of an individual firm, whereas macro-marketing deals with how the whole marketing system works (Perrault, Cannon, McCarthy 2014, p 526). I will be discussing organizational domestic and international, micro and macro marketing impacts on business and society, and identifying environmental elements that affect their marketing strategies.
According to the website Product2Market “micro marketing is a strategy used to target a small segment of consumers with specific needs for products in the market. In micro marketing, all advertising efforts are strongly focused on a small group of highly targeted consumers” (Mello, 2014). Micro marketing is used in businesses to study their customers’ characteristics. By doing this businesses learn how to match their products or services to their customers resulting in a likelihood they will return. The website Wise Geek provides multiple scenarios involving micro and macro marketing. For example, micro marketing can be found in the real estate industry. A realtor who develops a reputation for working with properties within a certain price range can better understand the needs and wants of potential buyers who can afford homes within that price range (Tatum and Harris, 2016). Coming from my personal experience…
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