Micro Max Branding and Positioning

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• Key points to be incorporated in the presentation as per the case study synopsis • In the absence of meaningful difference on product quality, consumers generally choose by name • Key values are not marketing but what the core values of the product are • How a particular brand evolved and grew and in turn became a powerful brand in today’s competitive market

Contents expected in Case Study as per Prof. Majumdar

• Your chosen Brand’s Identity, Personality and Symbolism • Strategic decisions taken to build the same brand • Consumer insights & perceptions used to create its values • Factors that shaped the brand during its life cycle • Role of advertising in this brand
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• Hansets switiching networks from GSM to CDMA using gravity sensors • Operator Branded 3G handsets • OMH CDMA Handsets

Lessons learnt by founders from first success • If they give something to people which helps them in day to day life they will buy it • Even though there were 50 companies in India selling mobile phones which is dominated by more than 60 percent share from Nokia there were still features, niches and categories that could be carved out by the new entrants • They realised that competing on price alone with Big 3 players (Nokia, Samsung and LG) was not going to help • They wanted to create their own new unexplored categories • They also realised that fierce competition among mobile operators for subscribers would lead to multiple connections per user hence came the dual- SIM phone which became their second killer category (mentioned above)

Strategy to sustain in long term The team were thinking well ahead of time and did not want to be tagged as “One time Wonder” company so they deployed a smart distribution sales strategy.

• They were very careful in their product strategy, though Micromax where at the lower end of the pricing spectrum the brand was focussing on adding more features at a reasonable price. • The focus was more on “Value” than “Price”, Innvation, Cost Effective, Credible and Insightful R&D • There were certain USP in their products which offered more value. The

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