Micro Suites As A Solution To Vancouver’S Housing Problem.

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Micro Suites as a Solution to Vancouver’s Housing Problem Bienvenue à Vancouver, where people meet unrealistic housing and living costs. It is no secret that Vancouver’s housing issue is blowing out of proportion due to the demand for more affordable housing units. “The problem is not a question of production, but the type of housing that is being supplied” (Gold, 2016). However, this would take a great deal of time and nationwide discussion amongst lawmakers and the government to solve. While the nation is busy talking about the housing problem of Vancouver, some developers and innovators propose to adopt the idea of micro suites to help solve the issue. Micro suites, micro apartments, micro units, micro housing or micro living all fall…show more content…
This may be a reflection of how designers have shaped spaces to meet how people nowadays live. According to the City of Vancouver’s zoning and development by-law, no more than one person shall occupy a micro dwelling and it must have a floor area of at least 29.7 sq. m. or 319.69 sq. ft. Because of these numbers mandated by the City of Vancouver, Vancouverites are not expected to be experiencing to live in smaller conditions. However, places like Japan, Hong Kong, New York and San Francisco have micro dwelling units smaller than 320 sq. ft, which shows that there are people who are willing to live the micro life and make the community around them into their extended space. According to Sam Baron, 29, who has lived in a 248 sq. ft. space for two years, states that the space was comfortable, functional, and allowed him central access between his work and school (Bellett, 2015). However, some studies show that there are dangers in living in a confined space and how micro living is really not for everyone. Developers, in theory, design and build these homes to market to the single young professionals who spend most of their day outside of their homes. “This is assuming a sort of stress-free, constantly healthy young person. Someone who loses their job or is ill, or breaks up with their girlfriend, or whatever might find this situation confining and depressing” (Proctor,
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