Micro and Macro Environment

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1. Micro Environmental
The microenvironment consists of five components. The first is the organization’s internal environment—its several departments and management levels—as it affects marketing management's decision making. The second component includes the marketing channel firms that cooperate to create value: the suppliers and marketing intermediaries (middlemen, physical distribution firms, marketing-service agencies, financial intermediaries). The third component consists of the five types of markets in which the organization can sell: the consumer, producer, reseller, government, and international markets. The fourth component consists of the competitors facing the organization. The fifth component consists of all the publics that
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* 4).Government markets (agencies that buy goods and services in order to produce public services or transfer them to those that need them). * 5).International markets (buyers of all types in foreign countries).

e. Competitors
Every company faces a wide range of competitors. A company must secure a strategic advantage over competitors by positioning their offerings to be successful in the marketplace. No single competitive strategy is best for all companies.

f. Publics
A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. A company should prepare a marketing plan for all of their major publics as well as their customer markets. Generally, publics can be identified as being: * 1). Financial publics--influence the company’s ability to obtain funds. * 2). Media publics--carry news, features, and editorial opinion. * 3). Government publics--take developments into account. * 4). Citizen-action publics--a company’s decisions are often questioned by consumer organizations. * 5). Local publics--includes neighborhood residents and community organizations. * 6). General publics--a company must be concerned about the general public’s attitude toward its products and services. * 7). Internal publics--workers, managers, volunteers, and the board of directors

The Company’s Macro environment The company and all of the

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