Micro and Macro environment factors

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Introduction In this report I will be trying to help and advice marketing manager of Dynamic International Ltd. I will explain what are micro and macro environment factors and how do they affect his marketing decisions as well as consumer buying behaviour. I will propose him segmentation criteria, targeting and positioning for his products. Micro environment Micro environment consists of the different types of stakeholders outside the organisation. The constituents or stakeholders of the micro environment include customers, suppliers, creditors, distributors, dealers, etc. Although these constituents aren’t the direct control of the organisation, still they can be influence by organisation through its policies and strategies (Dr.…show more content…
The division of consumer groups according to demographic variables such as age, gender, income, occupation, education, family size helps you to target market. Dynamic Ltd could use this to understand how these characteristics influence the products they selling. For example, knowing that customer needs changes with age they could promote their products to meet the needs of all age of groups or using gender segmentation they could increase productivity buy start selling both male and female hand gloves. Behavioural segmentation Behavioural segmentations concerned about buyers behaviour, they are divided into segments according the way they behave, such as usage of the product, knowledge of the product, loyalty, and attitude toward the products. For example loyal customers might be able pay extra price for a pair of gloves, because their trust the quality and standard of the product, but some may not be interested because they know little or nothing about it. Targeting Strategies Another step after we finish segmentation is targeting. Once the market has been segmented, the Dynamic International need choose targeting strategy. Targeting is about which and how many groups of customers organisations are going to target with its products or services. There are three targeting strategies: differentiated, undifferentiated, and concentrated. Differentiated strategy This strategy is when the company decides to target more than a
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