Micro lab report 1 Blood and Bacteria Essay

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Name and Course Section: Camile Manradge & Michele McNeill, Section 704

Title and Number: Observing Bacteria and Blood - Lab # 1

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to gain knowledge of the functions and operations of the compound light microscope and an immersion oil lens by observing prepared slides of various bacteria and blood slides. We are also learning to indentify and observe the various shapes and characteristics of bacteria, as well as, yogurt cultures (fresh and prepared) and blood samples under a microscopic view. We will also be able to distinguish between blood cultures and bacteria specimens.


Exercise 1: Viewing Prepared Slides

The first step is to assemble the compound light microscope.
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Penicillum, w/conidia
Green with many web-like connections. Looks like a pile of thin strands of thread jumbled together with thicker green tops that resemble grass
Many strands with tops that look like broccolini bunched together
Many groups of vertical branches resembling broccolini with several small dots along each branch
Anabaena, w.m
Many pink spheres and rod shapes (maybe Staphylococci and Streptobacillus), a few clusters with small dots (maybe ribosomes, rings of spherical chains, star shaped body
Vibrio shapes, large vein shaped structure with internal lines
Bunches of spherical shapes (Staphylococci) looks mosaic, Streptobacillus, the veined structure is more pronounced, Vibrio shapes (slightly curved, but not distinctly spiral)
Ascaris eggs, w.m
Clear branches and networks with green spheres (eggs?) scattered about in clusters, very few singular spheres
Larger branch, looks like a flower with a dark outline and green hue on the inner lining, some of the spheres are transparent
Some of the green spheres have jagged edges, the branch now looks grey

Exercise 2: Observing Bacteria Cultures in Yogurt
Fresh Yogurt
Thousands of close knit black and white specks that resemble coarse gravel or the wind making waves in the ocean or a lot of bubbles
Resembles a dry scab, with
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