Microbial Fuel: An Environment Friendly Project Proposal

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The current costs that are associated with Water treatment are astronomical in most cases it can be on the order of billions of dollars, INTRODUCTION The present has brought many benefits like new technologies. But along with benefits, the present also brought consequences. One consequence would be the pollution in the atmosphere and environment. Scientists have come up with many alternative energy methods like wind power, solar power, and tidal power. Along with those sources of energy comes a form of energy not yet implemented into the system.High energy requirement of conventional sewage treatment systems are demanding for the alternative treatment technology, which will be cost effective and require less energy for its efficient operation. In addition, due to global environmental concerns and energy insecurity, there is emergent interest to find out sustainable and clean energy source.[3] One such method is This method uses microbial fuel cells (MFCs). A microbial fuel cell (MFC) is a bioreactor that converts chemical energy in the chemical bonds in organic compounds to electrical energy through catalytic reactions of microorganisms under anaerobic conditions, [6]meaning Microbial Fuel Cells function by the reduction of oxygen or nitrates. This process can only generate electrical energy if it is performed under anaerobic conditions. While creating energy, this process can also simultaneously treat wastewater. Since this process is able to both treat water, supply

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