Microbiol Case Study

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Results and Discussion Our study was included 40 children patients and 10 healthy controls, their age was ranged from 3 to 12 years old, there were 25(62.5%) males and 15 (37.5%) females, as regard immunophenotyping 50% of patients were pre-B-ALL, 2.5% were mature B-ALL, early Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci (2017) 6(9): 937-944 940 pre B 2.5%, Common B 35% (total: 90%) and 10% were T-ALL, as regard results of measuring BSP-1 levels by ELISA in patient group was 112.69 ± 11.54 ng/mL which was significantly higher than that of control group 8.58 ± 2.19 ng/mL (P value was 0.001) as shown in table 1, as regard CD44 variant 6 level by flowcytometry in patient group was 32.18 ± 15.26 which was significantly higher than that of control group 3.54…show more content…
Usually the prognosis of childhood ALL is good, with about 80% cure rates. Despite this high cure rate relapse still occurs in20-25 % of the cases (Khan et al., 2008). These cases of relapse cannot be sufficiently assessed for their chance of experiencing relapse at diagnosis. For this assessment

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