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Catheter associated urinary tract infection (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Catheterization is a frequently part of care for various surgical procedures. The study confirmed that patients lacked knowledge in catheterization and most of the patients were limited in decision making on when the catheter was to be removed. The clinical problem and research problem that led to the study being carried in the clinic was that the use of urinary catheter on patients, whom had not vacated the hospital lead to progressive bacterial settlement of the bladder at speed of approximately 5% per day. The increasing threat of the CAUTI infection, in the National Health Service steered to the…show more content…
Most of the references were recent, three to four years in difference from the year of the study and also other references were older than five years, which helped in quantitative study for example Lincoln (1985) contribution. In this study the author outlined some of the limitations of the study, which included, a small section of patients from one surgical specialty was a limiting factor in the study. Secondly the study did not combine methods such as questionnaire to increase the sample magnitude. According to the findings of the study the information gathered was adequate to logical argument about the fact that delayed removal of catheter was leading to patients’ contraction of infections through the examination of the symptoms shown by some of the patients. Most of the uncertainties were associated with lack of information, as one of the female participant conveyed dissatisfaction with information provided to her before surgery, which instigated to the need for the search of information online, this information helped her after the surgery. The perspective, from which the study was developed, revolved around the length of time catheter should take after surgery before it is removed from the patient. The lengthier catheter stayed on the patient, the more chances the patient was likely to be infected.

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