Essay about Microbiology Unknown Bacteria

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Microorganisms are both beneficial and harmful. These microorganisms are important to humans because they play a role in the ecology of life, by decomposing wastes, both natural and man-made, such as creating nitrogen fertilizer at the root zones of certain crops. Other several pathogens that can cause serious harm, even immediate death due to the diseases or disease causing products they produce. Overall, microorganisms play an important role in life.
The purpose of this study was to identify the unknown bacterium using biochemical tests and various methods that had been learned from previous the microbiology laboratory class. Identifying the unknown bacterium was determined by separating and differentiating possible
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Then the following differential tests were performed:
Gram Stain Test:
Two smears of the unknown bacterium #5 were inoculated while the second smear was used for a back up. The unknown bacterium dried for at least forty minutes. After the smears dried, the slides were heat fixed two times to ensure the stability of the organism. The slide was placed on top of the staining rack then over the small sink.
The drops of crystal violets, approximately 15 drops, were flooded until the smear were all covered and then allowing resting for one to two minutes. After two minutes, the slide was titled over the sink and washed off, with the distilled water bottle, by aiming the stream of water above the smear. The specimen appeared blue-violet when observed with the naked eye. The drops of Gram’s iodine were applied on the slide until covered and then allowed to react for one minute or more. After the time elapsed, the slide was rinsed again with distilled water following immediate drops of Gram stain decolorizer added one drop at a time.
Again, after ten seconds, the slide was rinsed with distilled water to wash off the decolorizer. The slide was placed back on the staining rack. Approximately ten drops of safranin were covered on the slide allowing resting for one minute. After one minute, the slide was rinsed one final time on the small sink followed by blotting the stained slide with Bibulous paper. The slide was placed between pages of Bibulous paper to help
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