Microburst and Wind-Shear Avoidance Essay

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Microburst and wind shear avoidance As we all know, safety is fundamental to the aviation industry. There are many factors will cause dangerous to flights, such as human factors, problem of aircraft structures and so on. Flight safety has many challenges. Due to the climate variability and suddenness, meteorology has become a severe problem in aviation. Many air crashes are in the result of bad weather. In generally speaking, there are several weather phenomenon have much influence on flights, like turbulence, including clear air turbulence, thunderstorms, icing, volcanic ash. People have spent a lot of energy in predicting and avoiding these weather problems. According to the NASA Langley Research Center, in the 1970s and 1980s, multiple…show more content…
The life span of a microburst is around 5-15 minutes. Microbursts are quick-hitting events and are extremely dangerous to aviation. When the cool air approaches the ground, it spreads out in all directions and this divergence of the wind is the signature of the microburst. Microbursts are classified as wet or dry microbursts, depending on how much rain accompanies the microburst when it reaches the ground. During a wet microburst, the atmosphere is warm and humid in the lower levels and dry aloft. As a result, thunderstorms there produce much rain, some of which evaporates in and cools the drier air aloft, which therefore falls and spreads, potentially causing strong winds and heavy rain. Wet downbursts can be visually identified by such features as a shelf cloud; on radar they sometimes produce bow echoes. During a dry microburst, the atmosphere is warm and dry in the lower levels and moist aloft. When showers and thunderstorms develop, most of the rain evaporates before reaching the ground. [Quoted from CHARLES A. DOSWELL III. Extreme Convective Windstorms: Current Understanding and Research] Wind shear is the change in speed or direction of wind over a relatively short distance or time period. It can be divided into horizontal and vertical shears. Both components can affect an aircraft simultaneously. Horizontal shear occurs when the flight path of an airplane passes through a wind shift plane. Vertical wind shear is the

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