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At first glance, one would not expect the Technology Center to provide a place of study for some of the most creative students at USI: the art and theatre majors. The cold, hard concrete building does not seem to assist in providing any type of creative inspiration for aspiring artists. The name alone seems to imply that the building is used to train computer engineers; this is far from the truth. As an art major, the basement of this building has unwillingly become known as a second home to me. The systematic bustle of art students booking it to their next class with portfolios and art boxes in hand is a familiar sight to me. However, as I looked down the hall from my bench, I saw a completely different type of artist; I saw theatre artists.…show more content…
For one, the most obvious, what is it that they do? Next come things like how do they show progress and talent in their fields, and how much of a time commitment is it? Then you can think of common personality traits, fashion, communication tactics, and even the possibility of micro cultures within the Theatre students and Art students.
Before observation, I never considered in depth how different art and theatre students could be. It makes sense for these two types of artists to have different characteristics; first and foremost each expresses their creativity in a different way. Despite that we are similar enough to be learning and working alongside each other in the same building, even outside of the collegiate atmosphere. Although the theatre students are similar to the other visual artists in many ways, I noticed some distinct
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Students would come and go, but the power struggle remained. One common trait I noticed among many of the students was the confident way in which the students physically held themselves. It is no secret that an actor needs to be confident in order for their personal representations to be heard and taken seriously. Each student seemed extremely physically confident and self-aware as they interacted and spoke out.
Basic observation of human behavior tells us that when one person assumes a dominant stance, their counterpart will assume the submissive stance. I found it interesting that the theatre students did not seem to adhere to this psychological principle. I saw several students using large gestures and taking on confident, dominant stances at the same time. It was almost fascinating to watch. Control of the conversation bounced back and forth, each person outdoing the previous with his or her
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