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Microcultures in Canada A Comparative Approach Introduction Every society contains both a mainstream culture and many different subcultures. The mainstream culture is how one is identified as. However, microcultures consist of how we identify ourselves within the global mainstream culture. There are multitudes of ways to participate in a microculture. It could be along ethnic, religious lines, or even lifestyle. All these factors come into play with regards to the different aspects of microcultures. This paper will delve into all three types of microcultures; it will look at Vietnamese, Jewish, and Vegan cultures and compare them to mainstream Canadian culture. The subsequent comparative analysis aims at finding differences in an…show more content…
Vietnam's colourful history dates back thousands of years to when settlers began harvesting rice in the fertile ground of the red river valley. However, despite its peaceful beginnings, the subsequent years brought significant turmoil as the nation fell victim to several takeovers from China and Mongolia. Over the course of centuries, the land was a hotly contest by east-Asian leaders until Emperor Gia Long raised an army to expel foreign domination in 1802. Under his guidance, Vietnam became a united the nation for the first time ( In spite of this, independence was short lived as colonisation became prominent in the Western world. In the late 19th century France invaded the country, making Vietnam a French colony. The change of power caused some tensions to the region as internal and external forces pressured the French rule. In the mid 20th century, warfare once again engulfed the nation as Ho Chi Minh and his communist party sought to regain Vietnam's independence. With the intention of uniting the north and south, he undertook a guerilla style war against the south who was backed by the United states. The conflict continued until 1975 when the Communist regime united the country at last (local histories). In the years that followed, the nation has emerged

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