Microeconomic-Based Analysis Nike

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In this project, I have chosen to provide a microeconomic-based analysis on NIKE Inc. The study will include the analytic overview of the general market of Nike brand, as well as the information about the goods, service, and areas of operation. Throughout the research of this paper, I will discuss the cost of production, as well as the supply and demand in relation to microeconomics. Moreover, we will look at how supply and demand of this market regulates the equilibrium of quantity and price, as well as the economical efficiencies where the surplus for consumer and producer is maximized. Information will be explored to understand why businesses and people make decisions and how those actions we can be used for strategy. To conclude this research paper, I will take a deeper look and make recommendations for the future profitability, future growth and sustainability of NIKE Inc. (Hubbard & Obrien, 2015). History of the Company NIKE Inc., known for its athletic shoes, apparel, and it wide variety of sporting goods is located in the state of Oregon. NIKE Inc. previously known as Blue Ribbon Sports was originated in 1964 with the idea of importing shoes from Japan and sells them locally. Once successful, the founders, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, decided to market their own brand of athletic shoes. As a result, NIKE Inc. was established. From there, NIKE Inc. has a long history of success in producing quality, durable athletic merchandise that focuses on the athlete. In

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