Microeconomics: The Foundation behind Small Businesses

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It said that small businesses contribute to growth and vitality in the specific area of the United States economic development. Small businesses play a huge role in how the business world is shaped. Entrepreneurs are smart, creative and innovative however, those same entrepreneurs need to have some knowledge that the study of microeconomics focuses on. With the study of microeconomics, their product or future business will succeed in an economic view point.
Microeconomics analyzes economic decisions on the micro or small level. This includes how a household or consumer will spend their money. One of the crucial aspects of microeconomics is that a business owner needs to have the basic understanding of demand. Demand seems to be the most basic and yet a necessity for small business to be familiar with. The basic concept of demand is that if a consumer sees the price of something rising, they will look for substitutes. Quality demanded is an important aspect of understanding demand as a whole. The quantity demanded on a market depends on many factors. Some of which quantity demanded plays a role in is the price of a good, the price of competitive goods, consumer income, consumer's preferences, and the length of time period. Having knowledge about quantity demanded allows one to one to really understand the relationship between a price and the…
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