Microfinance As An Opportunity For Sustainable Development

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Paper Title Resource Management Paper Code 95.806(b) Term 2 2015 Lecturers : Dr. Maurice Judd Assignment Title Microfinance as an opportunity in sustainable development Case 3 Microcredit in Rural Bangladesh: Is It Reaching the Poorest?" Due: 02/10/2015 Student Name: Patel Nimisha Student ID: S2145218 Article Details This critical analysis is done on the journal study titled "Microcredit in Rural Bangladesh: Is It Reaching the Poorest?" which was published by the Journal of ESR. The analysis based on the aim of understanding the why the microcredit programs reached rarely to the poor in rural Bangladesh. They found five reasons behind this: supply, demand, NGDO 's norms and social issues, sustainable financial services and voluntary and non-voluntary dropouts. This paper also argues that microcredit is the not best way to help the poor. This paper used two kinds of primary data of source, firstly they conducted the study in 1999 by World Bank as a part of the study titled "Voices of the Poor". It was organized in 8 rural and 2 urban cities of Bangladesh. (Nabi et. al., 1999) and the second study done in 2 rural and 5 urban cities of Bangladesh from 1999 to 2000 and the title was "Listening to the Poor". They utilized a different method for finding a result of not reaching microcredit facilities to poorest of the poor. This
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