Microorganism In Margaret Laurence's Where The World Began

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Where the World Began
In the article “Where the World Began” the author Margaret Laurence represents her life in the Canadian Prairies and parts of Canada, on how she viewed the world .She gives descriptions of her hometown and how her childhood was like in the Canadian Prairies to give a representation of Canada. She states that she has found her own view of the parries and describes her home in the Canadian Prairies as a little microorganism. Throughout the essay, she talks about her memories, the season and the interesting things about her homeland which raises the perspective from the rest of the world. Lawrence's constantly has a deeper meaning and it gets you to think if she is mythologizing her views on Canada in a non fictional autobiographical essay.

Nora Foster Stovel a associate English Professor at University of Alberta claims that “Laurence is a mythmaker who mythologized...her hometown of New her notification essay “Where the World Began”. I agree with stovel claim that she mythologies her home town because the trough out the article she uses allusion. She uses, mythological allusions and religious allusions.

In the opening paragraph, Laurence states that her home town is “a place of incredible happenings, splendours and revelations, despairs like multitudinous pits of isolated hell.A place of shadow spookiness,inhabited by the unknown dead. This puts us into an imagination of the most dynamic and
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