Microscopy, Cell Structure And Function

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Microscopy, cell structure and function TASK 3 Write a scientific report on osmosis experiment showing the: Aim, Introduction, and Hypothesis. Risk assessment, Procedure, Results, Analysis and conclusion, Evaluation, Sources or error, Anomalous results, Biological or industrial significance, Health and safety. A.C.2.2 AIM: Investigating the effect of Different concentration of Sucrose on Osmosis in potato chips. INTRODUCTION: First of all, Osmosis is the net movement of water molecules from an area of high water potential to an area of low water potential gradient through a partially permeable cell membrane. A partially permeable membrane is made of small holes that allow only water molecules to pass through. In this…show more content…
I will have to make sure to wear google and lab coat in order to protect my body and eyes from sucrose solution during accident. 3. Preparing potato using Cork borer The sides of the potato are not flatten which means have to take precaution while cutting down the sides of the potato to make potato chips therefore use a potato tile to make the experiment safe. Process/Method: I will use the following procedures to achieve the result for my experiments. 1. I will cut 3 potato chips of roughly the same size using a borer. 2. I will then cut the potato chips with the help of the ruler and scalpel and name the three chips as test 1,2,3. 3. Then, I will measure 25 ml of sucrose concentration using a measuring cylinder. 4. Label 3 beaker as test 1,2,3 then weigh each of potato using a scale balance, I will then put each of potato chips in a different beaker according to their label. 5. Start the timer. 6. After 10 minutes, I will take all potato chips out of beakers and put onto a tissue paper to dry the potato chips. 7. Repeat the process for each of the other concentration of sucrose solution. 8. Record all my result in a suitable table stating their initial mass, final mass, mass change and percentage mass change. 9. Take an average for the 3 test and record my result in a table in order to use those data to draw a graph stating concentration solution on x-axis and percentage mass change on y-axis. FINAL RESULT Test 1 Sucrose
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