Microscopy Use and Function Essay

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Microscopy Use and Function Hands-On Labs, Inc. Version 42-0089-00-01 Exercise 1: Identifying Parts of a Compound Light Microscope Question A. Study and label the microscope parts in Figure 3. Microscope Parts Microscope Parts A EYEPIECE G MIRROR/ILLUMINATOR B TUBE H BASE C REVOLVING NOSEPIECE/TURRET I LONGITUDINAL CONTROL KNOB D OBJECTIVE LENS J TRANSVERSE CONTROL KNOB E STAGE K FINE ADJUSTMENT F DIAPHRAIGM L CASE ADJUSTMENT Microscopy Use and Function Exercise 2: Illuminated Pocket Microscope Questions A. Draw the image of the root tips as viewed at 200X. See attached page for actual sketches B. Label the diagram of the pocket microscope in Figure 4. Use the following terms: eyepiece,…show more content…
G. When the slide was moved to the right on the stage, which direction did it move when viewed under the lens? When a slide was being moved to the right on the stage, under the microscope, the slide would appear to be moving to the left. Microscopy Use and Function Exercise 4: Wet Mount Slides Observations A. Cheek cells viewed with IKI indicator under the following power of magnifications: See attached page for actual sketches 1. Scanning Low Power 2. Scanning High Power Questions NOTE: Answer Question A only if you used a compound light microscope for this experiment. A. Did altering the amount of light help in viewing the unstained cheek cells? Explain. When viewing the unstained cheek cells, the amount of light did not have an effect on viewing the slide; meaning that the cells were not visible until they were stained. B. In your own words, describe the procedures for making a wet mount slide. To make a wet mount slide, one must first obtain a clean slide, cover glass, pipette, cup of water, IKI/dye, tool to obtain specimen samples (in this case a tooth pick), and a paper towel. To begin, place the clean slide down on a flat surface, fill the pipette with water and place a drop onto the clean slide. To make this specific slide, use the tooth pick to scrap some
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