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Microsoft Corporation is one of the most well-known technological companies in the world. This massive company offers many services and products available to different kinds of customers around the world. One of the most popular products Microsoft offers is Microsoft Office Suite. The main applications of Microsoft Office are Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Microsoft Word allows users to compose and edit documents. Excel allows users to organize data in spreadsheets. Access gives users the ability create and manage simple and sophisticated databases.
Publisher helps users create and design materials used in marketing. PowerPoint allows users to create presentations in an exciting way. Microsoft Outlook is
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This web browser has been widely replaced by Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is also a web browser but this browser gives users a more personalized experience with the help of voice control and personalized searches. Both of these products are used by businesses and individuals of all economic backgrounds. Microsoft Windows is a group of graphical operating systems that control the hardware and software found on certain devices. The different operating systems that Windows encompass, shape the way computers work and look. There have many different versions of Windows since its initial release and each version has only gotten more powerful and better. Windows can be found on many computers, tablets, and smartphones. This product like most of Microsoft’s products is marketed towards business and personal use. An additional product of Microsoft’s is Windows Phone is a cluster of cell phones that run using Microsoft Windows software. Their cell phones are primarily targeted at consumers and not for use in the professional setting. The smartphones that Microsoft make are not popular due to its design, and proneness to glitches and bugs. Because of the glitches and design Microsoft holds less than 2% of the smartphone market share. It is widely suggested the Microsoft’s phone line will continue to fail. Xbox is Microsoft’s video gaming brand. This brand includes three different consoles including Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. When purchasing an Xbox,

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