Microsoft And The Software Giant Essay

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Microsoft the software giant, founded in April 4th 1975 by a 19-year-old Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft grew rapidly, and in 1908 they agreed to produce MS-DOS for IBM (International Business Machines), and later producing Windows operating system making them the largest producer of software for personal computers. Microsoft tried to be ahead of the game by making Explorer Internet browser be required with Windows, causing an uproar and later the government stepped in breaking Microsoft into two companies. After a couple of years, Microsoft appealed and won returning Microsoft to its original standing. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) now has over 114,000 employees and headquarters in Redmond, Washington. They have worked hard to stay ahead of the market, coming out with HoloLens (semi-virtual reality glasses), and now it’s time to fight Amazon Echo. Interaction of resources between households Microsoft echo, a competitor to Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo has proven itself a worthy product and perfectly timed as the market has been ready for a device like the Echo. Smart phones were used to turn on consumer’s houses, they could do this before the returning home during the winter; many tech savvy customers in the mountains would do this. Home owners continually moving towards Wi-Fi connected homes, and there is a growing need for a device(s) to fill this gap (and certainly be paid for it). Amazon echo is easily the best device out there with its capabilities; it can play all
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