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Microsoft at its Best Microsoft undoubtedly is a great Fortune 500 company that licenses, manufactures, develops, and fortifies an astronomically immense slew of accommodations and products concentrated to computing through its many product divisions. Microsoft has risen to control the home computer market with MS-DOS, shadowed by the Windows platform. This organization has branched out in current years to involve themselves into not only the phone industry but withal the video game business with the Xbox 360, and in recent years Xbox One. (Microsoft, 2015) Predominantly in the 1990’s, experts struggled that Microsoft used illicit business practices, including endeavoring to put illogical restrictions on the misrepresentative advertising strategies. Both European Commission and the American Department of Equity discovered Microsoft was in contravention of antitrust laws. Branded for the company’s face-to-face hiring methods with obscure questions, countless ratings and studies were conventionally favored Microsoft 's variety within the organizations entire environmental impact. (Microsoft, 2015) Analysis of the Strategic Cascade Microsoft’s different groups are extremely engrossed in the digital experience across all of the digital capabilities that include TV, mobile, gaming and PC. The consumers experience is very important to Microsoft’s organization as a whole, therefore they go all-out to reach them with any means necessary. It is important that the company’s
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